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Learn to dive

Why Us?


We are a the oldest independent PADI dive school and club based in Huddersfield, Wakefield, Leeds, Sheffield and the Yorkshire area. We have one simple philosophy, that is to teach and guide divers through close guidance and provide the opportunities to  get out and dive!


All our courses are individually tailored. We don't do big groups or  mass courses like most other dive schools. Our enthusiasm and caring approach is to teach our passion by experienced dive instructors and professional dive educators.


We encourage scuba diving, with dive opportunities and deep pool sessions available every week. Our crew are scuba divers who actually go diving and not just in the water for teaching - this keeps their own skills and development up-to-date.


We also can provide 'Adaptive Scuba' programs and training for disabled individuals and those with special needs (as long as you can meet the minimum medical screening guidelines). 


Going on Holiday?

Are you planning your holidays and thinking of getting away from the cold. Then why not learn to dive before you go. Scuba diving courses on holiday are OK, but why spend your vacation in a classroom and swimming pool - do all that here at home - then enjoy your holiday and have the benefit of just 'diving' while you are away!


For qualified divers we run pre-holiday skill sessions in a 6m swimming pool. Practice your buoyancy and basic skills just before you go away. Log the experience and have PADI professional verify the dive. These sessions are also useful to get back in the water after  a period of in-active scuba diving.


Dive Club

'apparently diving is fun'


We are very passionate about our diving at ProScuba. Our success comes over the many years of diving through our friends and dive instructors. Our dive school and underwater education are just a small part of the things we do. What it is really about is going diving and enjoying ourselves. ProScuba is a dive club of friends who love to go diving and seeking adventure.


As a dive club and school we have: No Membership, no committee, no politics, no cleekish sub groups - Just friends and a dedicated professional team to guide, teach and lead you.


Our diving happens two or three times a week all year round. We have pools sessions at least twice a week, including the 6m deep pool at Sheffield. We meet at two locations for a social drink, one in Denby Dale, Huddersfield and one in Sheffield during the week.


We run courses from try dives to instructor levels, including technical diver levels for those that what that bit more.. We have regular access to one of our members two boats for dives. We have three compressors with air and nitrox to 300bar! We can arrange discounts for equipment and can arrange hire, including dry-suits. We normally pay commission on courses you can sell for us.


For the best way to find out what we do - log onto our Forum and friends area. Here you find trip reports, our dive calendar and lots more.



Pool Sessions

We have pool session available for scuba diving; training, development and skill practice. Our main pool night is at the Inkerman Leisure pool in Denby Dale on a Wednesday at 7.45pm. We also use the 6m pool at Ponds Forge in Sheffield most weeks. We can also arrange other pool sessions almost any night - We also have pool sessions available in the Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford areas - flexibility is our key.



Air, Nitrox and Trimix Fills

We now have facilities to fill cylinders with air, nitrox and trimix to 300bar. Unfortunately we don't have a drop in service, as we are not a retail outlet. But if you telephone us with your requirements, we will sort you out ASAP with whatever you need. For those who dive with us regularly we can transport filled cylinders to dive sites. We have a nitrox cylinders available for hire. We can also arrange cylinder servicing and O2 cleaning.



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