PADI Specialties

What is PADI Specialty?


A specialty is a dedicated course in one aspect of diving. The advanced course allows you 'try' out new experiences. If you enjoyed an experience - then why not pursue the adventure a little further.


Specialty courses take you further into diving. They open opportunities to have even more adventures.


Gain five specialties and the rescue diver course - And you'll receive the highest certification in recreational diving:


'Master Scuba Diver'


Deep Diver


Enriched air (Nitrox) Diver


Night Diver


Boat Diver


Search and recovery


Underwater Navigator




SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) Diver


Equipment Specialist


Multi-level & Computer Diver


Digital Underwater Photography


Dry Suit Diver


Wreck Diver


Peak Performance Buoyancy


Diver Propulsion Vehicle


Cavern Diver


DSAT Tech Deep Diver


DSAT Blending Course


Ice Diver


Each Specialty varies in the course structure and price - give us a ring to discuss your needs. You can also check out the PADI website for more details.