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This is the one of the largest collection of Underwater photographs on the net. This collection was set up to promote Scuba Diving in temperate waters.  Please have a good browse, all the images are stored as thumbnails - just click to open the larger images.

All images are the Copyright of ProScuba. We usually don't mind the images being used for information or as part of promoting Scuba Diving - not for commercial gain. All we ask is for you to drop us line and let us give you permission before you use them - it's only courtesy.  Should you require a higher resolution or a print of an image, please drop us a line.


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ProScuba 2012 gallery

A year in images - a quick look back at the exploits and adventures of 2012


ProScuba 2011 gallery

ProScuba Year 2011 - take a look at what the members got up throughout the year .


ProScuba 2010 gallery

ProScuba Year 2010 - take a look at what we have been doing throughout the year .


ProScuba 2009 gallery

Have a  look at what we were doing during 2009. Over 100 organised diving trips!


ProScuba 2008 gallery

Have a quick look at what we were doing during 2008.


ProScuba 2007 gallery

Have a quick look at what we were doing during 2007.


ProScuba 2006 picture file

Have a quick look at what we were doing during 2006.

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Capernwray Dive Centre

Old limestone quarry now used as a commercial dive centre. Situated on the Lancashire/Cumbria border near to Carnforth. This is the site were we do most of our open water training.

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Dorothea Quarry

Possibly the best inland UK dive site. This disused slate quarry is in the shadow of Snowden in North Wales. This venue needs to treated with respect with regards to access and 'in water' activities.

ProScuba do not promote diving at this location - but can  advise and provide some information on the site.

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Stoney Cove

This very popular dive centre in the heart of the midlands. This quarry offers us a deeper location, with 36m possible. The largest inland wreck 'the Stanegarth' can be found in 22m.

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This is our second home. Menorca offers clear waters and hot Mediterranean sun. We run regular trips to dive this island paradise. Take a look at what we have to offer.

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Egypt and the Red Sea


Well I suppose the Red Sea and Egypt are possibly one of the most well known diving destination there is. 6 hours flying to Sharm el Sheikh will bring to the edge of the Red Sea. Over 200 dive schools can accommodate the many hordes of divers  that visit this magical corner of the world.   


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Malta is a divers' dream. Wrecks, reefs fantastic marine life in the clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Rather than going to a page of photographs, this link takes you to our latest trip report on our forum.


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Nemo 33

A venue with a difference. This is a 34m deep pool situated in Belgium. We run regular trips by North Sea ferries to dive this venue. Take a look at these pictures to see what it's all about.

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Blue Lagoon

This Quarry can be found just off the M62 near Pontefract. This site is now managed and run as a diving facility.  The water is crystal clear, if you keep of the bottom. Max depth approx. 7m

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St Abbs and the North East

A selection of images from the North East coast. We mainly dive at St Abbs and Browns Bay.

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The Rez

The Rez is disused underground reservoir is near to Leek in Staffordshire. A fantastic underwater playground facility. Very dark and extremely different, with only a max depth of 2m. Great place to practice night skills, confined and overhead environments.

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The Delph Dive Centre

The Delph Dive site is just off the M6 near Chorley in Lancashire. At 20m deep, this stone quarry offers another valuable UK dive site. Since re-opening a few years ago, the site as gone through many changes. Here are over 100 images at various stages of development.

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A popular dive site near Tamworth. At 24m this site makes a change to the regular sites. Once owned and managed by BSAC, the sites is convenient but lacks the modern facilities.

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Vivian Quarry

Vivian Quarry in North Wales is a disused slate quarry, managed as a dive centre. Great to dive under the sheer slate cliffs that tower above this site.

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General Underwater Photographs

A selection of diving shots from our files - includes the Zenobia, Vivian Quarry, Devils' Bridge, Hodge close and many more dive related images.

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Outdoor Adventure Pictures

A quick selection of our outdoor pursuits collection.

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A selection of everything else

A page of everything, from TV and film, stage and training courses.

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