Advanced Open Water Diver

PADI adventures in diving

Informative and fun – best describes the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. After your five dives, you will be more skilled and have better awareness and knowledge; you’ll feel more comfortable in the water and simply enjoy diving more because you will have an enhanced understanding of diving and the aquatic environment. This course will expand your experience levels in many new areas. This certification will also qualify you to dive to 30m. This is not only desirable for general diving, but also very useful for insurance purposes as divers are usually only covered to the depth rating of their certification.


What will I need to do?

This certification needs 5 Adventure Dives to complete the course.  This course is about diving and being in the water. Building on your experience and experiencing new adventures.


Two of the dives are compulsory core dives – which are an inclusive part of the program:


Deep Adventure Dive

Navigation Adventure Dive


Plus then any three of the following dives:


 Enriched Air Adventure Dive

Dry Suit Adventure Dive

Wreck Diver Adventure Dive

Night Diver Adventure Dive

 Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure dive

Underwater Photographer Adventure Dive

 Multilevel Diver Adventure Dive

Search and Recovery Adventure Dive

Underwater Naturalist Adventure Dive

 Diver Propulsion Vehicle Adventure Dive

  Altitude Diver Adventure Dive

Boat Diver Adventure Dive

Drift Diver Adventure Dive

Aware Fish Identification Adventure Dive

SMB Adventure Dive

Underwater Naturalist Adventure Dive


Academics and theory?

You will receive a PADI dive manual as part of the course. Read the chapters relating to the adventure dive you are doing. Then complete the knowledge review at the end of that chapter – have your instructor check it – Simple!


This course can be started anytime

- even today!


the cost of the course is £285